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The Brain Farm Partners

These are people who we work with and find exceptional at what they do. We can highly recommend them. And of course, we think they are just as serious about helping you revolutionize your life as we are!

Barbara Rubin

Fitness and Diet expert.


Home Base: Moscow

I have had a chance to interact with Barbara and take her fitness courses on more than one occassion. And ... she ... is ... serious. In my opinion, based on what I have learned about fitness, she is right on target and will get your body to do what you want it to do IF you listen to her. Studies have clearly demonstrated that the health of your brain is closely related to the shape of your body. No wonder being healthy is sexy! Give her a whirl! It is WORTH IT!

"You can double or triple the number of brain cells you make every day just by exercising."

-Dr. Max Cynader, Brain Expert