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Jump outside of your comfort zone - and get ready to change your life!

The Brain farm was founded in October of 2014 as a tool to help people boost their businesses and the health of their brains by helping you get your hands on the very latest in business advantages as well as health advantages. Often people forget that one of the greatest reasons to keep fit and healthy is to maximize the function and health of the brain -- which can be a significant boost to our cognitive performance.


Our adventures in this area led us to pioneering work by Dr. Amen who has scanned over 60,000 brains in an effort to understand this amazing 1.5 kilogram machine between our ears. It was his over all vision for the health of the brain and how it can improve your business life as well as your personal life that matched the closest with our philosophy.


This website is where you can find  great classes and consulting for your business as well as health information and events to keep your brain -- and all of its creative juices -- pumping. As we reviewed the importance of the brain for your business we decided that anything which supports healthy brain function -- and as a result healthy living -- is a core part of our mission. This includes: travel, events, classes, theatre, lectures, and health programs.  


He we work to mix the best of Chris's corporate training experience in the marketing and sales department of one of the biggest 100 companies in the USA with Maria's 8 years of study in the area of psychology and events work to bring you a truly unique experience for your brain. We are also adding a few new talents, creative and scientific, to help you take care of, explore and understand your amazing brain and the world it lives in.



"You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else."


- Albert Einstein

The Brain Farm Story

"You want to be working early to prevent alzheimers and dementia. Is your behaviour every day helping -- or hurting -- your brain?"

-Dr. Amen, Brain Expert