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The Brain Farm On The Web

Like every self respecting multi national corporation, we have our tentacles reaching deep into the collective consciousness of cyberspace. Have a look at what we have been up to and get a fatter brain!

We have different "editions" of The Brain Farm for people interested in different things. Join a group that fits you best! And grow your brain!


Brain Farm - Business Edition (7700+ members!)

An Awesome Source for Cutting Edge Business Ideas From Leading Thinkers

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE


Brain Farm - Health (6000+ members!)

The Latest in Health Thought and Ideas From Leading Thinkers Around the World

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE


Brain Farm - Science and Technology  (12,000+ members!)

Where to Find The Coolest Developments in Science and Technology From Around the World

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE


Brain Farm - World & Travel

Great Info On Where To Plan Your Next Brain Healthy Trip and Lots of Facts and Cool Info on the History and Culture Behind Your Travel Destinations

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE (just started)


Brain Farm - Blue (for Guys!)

The Latest In Science For A Man's Life

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE


Brain Farm - Violet (for Women!)

The latest In Science For A Woman's Life

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE


Brain Farm - Culture

Amazing Stories On Culture and Arts Around the World and Through Time

Facebook Group - CLICK HERE

"If you don't take care of your brain, you lose about 85,000 brain cells a day. And when it comes to brains, SIZE MATTERS!"

-Dr. Amen, Brain Expert