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Have questions? Wonder where one of our events are? Ideas for a class you would like to see happen?

Or just need advice on pricing strategies or persuasion? Just drop us a line or give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you.

"Meditation is amazing for the brain. It activates the most thoughful part of your brain, helping you make better decisions."

-Dr. Amen, Brain Expert

Chris Cleveland

Senior Partner + Corporate Trainer


+7 925 916 82 43


Chris has a 4 year university degree in marketing and a second 4 year university degree in chemical engineering with work in biochemistry.


He specializes in consumer behaviour and purchase decisions, and was responsible for training in the marketing and sales department of a Fortune 150 company as well as the North American sales manager for a major German technology company.


Chris consults top restaurants and businesses on consumer behaviour, persuasion, and pricing strategy to bring them the advantages of his years training at the Fortune 150 level. It's like having a Fortune 150 trainer on staff, without all of the expenses.


He will also help you maximize the capacity and health of your brain using the latest secrets in health and longevity from Silicon Valley. This will without a doubt boost your performance and stamina.


You owe it to yourself to find out what the Brain Farm's Business Accelerator consulting can do to boost the bottom line for your brain and business today!

Maria Ushakova

Senior Partner + Psychologist


+7 915 496 10 82


Maria has a master's degree in psychotherapy and counseling from Sheffield university in the UK.


She is a Moscow based, international theraputic practitioner and successfully applies her knowledge of social psychology into marketing on the Moscow events scene.

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